Personal Safety

Metlakatla individuals’ actual and perceived degree of safety. Focused on safety from harm associated with intentional criminal acts in Prince Rupert (e.g., assault, theft, vandalism).

Social/Health, Yugyetk

Personal Safety


Crime Severity Index

Current Status

City of Prince Rupert Crime Severity Index is 140.51 (2018, Statistics Canada)


Current Phase of Work: Priority value, Phase 1 – Identifying and selecting values and indicators

Why was personal safety chosen as a priority value?

  • Important component of Metlakatla’s physical, mental and spiritual health
  • Among BC cities, Prince Rupert has one of the highest crime rates, one of the highest substance misuse rates and above-average police caseloads
  • Major projects could contribute to existing crime conditions through an influx of out-of-town workers


The condition indicator for personal safety is the crime severity index. Personal safety is affected by a range of key stressors including core housing need, particularly suitability, crime levels, police capacity and substance misuse. 

  • Crime severity index: Index that accounts for number of police-reported incidents, crime seriousness and population size.