Our Approach

The “Made for Metlakatla” cumulative effects management framework follows four key phases. We are focused on identifying, monitoring, and managing priority values and responding to cumulative change in Metlakatla Territory over time.

Our Four Phases

We start by working with the Metlakatla community to identify and select priority values that will be tracked by our program. In preparation for the next phase of work, we organize people and resources to manage those values. The second phase focuses on developing community-based monitoring programs to assess the condition of priority values. Then we set tiered management triggers and actions for each value, which establishes whether we are in a good place with each value or not. In the fourth phase, we work with our Values Teams and the broader community to develop and implement action strategies that will protect and improve the condition of values over time. Each CEM cycle ends with learning and evaluation, as well as plans for ongoing monitoring and management. This includes ongoing tracking of the big-picture of development, future scenarios and climate change impacts. The CEM Program will continue to play a coordination role in managing a value and implementation of action strategies.

The CEM Program is vital for protecting, maintaining, and strengthening our values. Everything is connected. It’s vital to be on the same page and sharing the work. We’re all rooting for the same goal: improving the lifestyle, the values, and the culture that Metlakatla has. Metlakatla Member and Manager, 2021