Our Values

Metlakatla values cover five main pillars: cultural identity (Łooda Goo Wilaaym), social/health (Yugyetk), environment (La̱x Yuubm), economic prosperity (sagayt gat lledm) and governance (Int Ałbag̱an Kwduunm). Metlakatla’s priority values are presented as a Values Foundation which illustrates the up-to-date status of important values and indicators in relation to established management zones and triggers. This dashboard also provides valuable information for understanding the value’s current condition and future trend.

Food, Social & Ceremonial Activity

Food, social, and ceremonial (FSC) activity consists of harvesting, gathering, processing, and preparing (e.g., jarring, canning, or smoking) of any traditional foods and materials.

Butter Clam

Butter clams are a large, hardshell clam species generally found in the lower intertidal zone. Butter clams are one of the most harvested traditional foods by Metlakatla and are an important winter food in Metlakatla’s seasonal round.


Rental housing in Prince Rupert is under pressure from development activity. Ensuring that rental housing is affordable, in good condition, and not overcrowded is a priority for the Metlakatla.


The ability of Metlakatla individuals to earn income to be self-sufficient is a core indicator for economic development.

Access to Health Services

Access to primary health care services, notably hospital emergency services, is important for the overall health and well-being of Metlakatla members.

Personal Safety

Metlakatla individuals’ actual and perceived degree of safety. Focused on safety from harm associated with intentional criminal acts in Prince Rupert.

Chronic Health Conditions

Linked to overall physical, mental and spiritual well-being of Metlakatla individuals.

Wealth Distribution

The degree to which wealth is distributed among Metlakatla people. A measure of economic and social disparity.

Chinook Salmon

Chinook salmon are the largest of the seven Pacific salmon species. They are an important cultural, traditional and commercial resource for Metlakatla and are a good indicator of estuary health.

Ability to Steward

The ability of the Metlakatla to manage lands, waters, and resources within Metlakatla territory.