CEM Guiding Principles

Three guiding principles inform the work of the Metlakatla CEM Program: (1) CEM must be culturally relevant, (2) internal and external collaboration is necessary for CEM, and (3) CEM is a program not a project.

Guiding Principle 1: The CEM Program and everything we do in support of the program must be culturally relevant.

The Metlakatla worldview is a unique expression of Metlakatla culture. A culturally relevant CEM Program will embody that worldview in all aspects of its work to ensure the approaches and methods used are respectful and culturally appropriate and that the outcomes are meaningful and relevant.

Guiding Principle 2: Internal and external collaboration is necessary to manage and protect priority Metlakatla values.

We need to work collaboratively with all Metlakatla departments to best inform Metlakatla’s own decision-making and management. We also need to work with other governments and First Nations to increase awareness of impacts, coordinate action and improve regional management of shared values. CEM will strive to pool resources among partners to increase the long-term success of the program.

Guiding Principle 3: CEM is a program not a project.

We are invested in the long-term management and stewardship of Metlakatla Territory and the values of the Metlakatla people. CEM is designed to be long-term and iterative, with multiple opportunities for critical reflection and improvements.

It’s important for the CEM Program that we agree on a common purpose for the betterment of our membership. It’s about the whole collective; we’re in this together for today and future generations. The work should move ahead with the foundational value of respect. Metlakatla Elder, 2022