Ability to Steward

The ability of the Metlakatla to manage lands, waters, and resources within Metlakatla territory.

Governance, Int Ałbag̱an Kwduunm

Ability to Steward


Metlakatla’s stewardship of priority lands (constructed scale from 1-5)

Current Status

Current condition unknown across Metlakatla’s entire territory (2019)


Current Phase of Work: Priority value, Phase 1 – Identifying and selecting values and indicators

Why was the ability to steward chosen as a priority value?

  • Management priority for the Metlakatla First Nation
  • Stewardship ability affects how land and water decisions are made in the territory, which is important for Metlakatla’s treaty process and other planning processes
  • Influences all the other values in the Metlakatla CEM Program


The condition indicator for ability to steward is Metlakatla’s stewardship of priority lands. Metlakatla’s ability to steward is affected by a range of key stressors including legislative authority, traditional use studies, protocols and agreements, institutional capacity, and monitoring and enforcement.

  • Metlakatla’s stewardship of priority lands: Constructed scale from 1-5