Preserving Our Nation's Future.

Metlakatla CEM is a first-of-its-kind Indigenous-led cumulative effects management program developed by the Metlakatla First Nation in 2014. Our program is a critical tool for the Metlakatla to manage and improve the status of priority values, now and into the future. We work collaboratively within Metlakatla organizations and with other groups in the region to inform and support Metlakatla decision-making and management.

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Our Community

Metlakatla First Nation is a progressive Tsimshian community whose territory is located on the North Coast of British Columbia. Metlakatla means ‘saltwater pass’ in Sm’algyax, the language of the Coast Ts’msyen (Tsimshian). Our members continue to enjoy their inherent rights and freedom to harvest traditional foods, practice traditional ceremonies and honour their history. The Metlakatla CEM Program is a part of the Metlakatla Stewardship Society but is designed to support collaboration across all Metlakatla departments.

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What We Value

Metlakatla’s approach to CEM recognizes that everything is connected and Metlakatla’s values require a holistic, interdependent and long-range management perspective. Metlakatla’s values, simply put, are what matters to Metlakatla people, and these values span all areas of Metlakatla’s way of life: cultural identity (Łooda Goo Wilaaym), environment (La̱x Yuubm), social/health (Yugyetk), economic prosperity (sagayt gat lledm), and governance (Int Ałbag̱an Kwduunm).

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Upcoming events and announcements about the CEM Program. Please reach out to Jean Nelson,, for more information.

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In order to secure and enhance the well-being of future generations in Metlakatla, it is imperative that we handle past, present, and potential future activities with efficiency, effectiveness, and consistency. Chief Robert Nelson, 2024, Metlakatla First Nation