New Article on Selecting Values in the CEM Program

By Katerina Kwon, CEM Advisor and SFU PhD Candidate

We have published our first research study on work in support of the Metlakatla CEM Program in the Journal of Environmental Impact Assessment Review. Check it out here: 

Some highlights from the paper:

  • A new community-based method for choosing values in cumulative effects management and impact assessment
  • Key features of this new method are clear criteria, deliberative dialogue, and implementation planning
  • Applied in Metlakatla First Nation’s Indigenous-led cumulative effects program
  • Metlakatla CEM Program is a proactive system for monitoring and managing key values
  • Values chosen with the new method reflect Indigenous views and values


In order to secure and enhance the well-being of future generations in Metlakatla, it is imperative that we handle past, present, and potential future activities with efficiency, effectiveness, and consistency. Chief Robert Nelson, 2024, Metlakatla First Nation