4. Taking Action in CEM

Tailored management action strategies are developed to protect or restore the condition of priority values. These strategies may involve collaboration with external groups including other levels of government or neighbouring First Nations. Each value will continue to be tracked by the CEM Program to ensure that it remains in an acceptable management zone or is trending positively towards a more acceptable zone.

Status Update

We are currently in Phase 4 of the Metlakatla CEM Program for our pilot values. 

  • For the housing value, we are focused on working with external partners to improve the condition of housing for Metlakatla renter households in Prince Rupert.
  • For the butter clam value, we are focused on exploring specific management actions and improving our understanding of key stressors.
  • For the FSC activity value, we are focused on clarifying Metlakatla’s internal management approach for this cross-departmental value.

Management Action Strategy Components

To answer the question of how priority values are monitored and managed by Metlakatla First Nation with support from the Metlakatla CEM Program, the following components should be established:

  • Vision and broad desired goal for value
  • Values foundation – description of the value, rationale for selection, indicators (condition and stressor), influence diagram, interconnected values, past and current condition, future trend, key management considerations
  • Long-term community based monitoring program
  • Tiered management triggers and management approach
  • Internal management structure
  • External management opportunities
  • Impact assessment levers
  • Knowledge and capacity gaps
  • Implementation or operational work plan

Many of these components may have already been developed through other Metlakatla initiatives and projects, but it is important to bring all those pieces together to ensure the overall strategy is holistic, cohesive, effective and practical.